Why Go Green This Year

Why Go Green This Year

Going green has long been considered to be taking steps towards being more eco-friendly. While this is indeed a worthy goal for any property owner, it is not what we are referring to here. Green has become one of the top color choices in interior design this year for several good reasons.

Natural accents have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more designers incorporating natural imagery and installations within the home. From green carpet to potted plants, this color scheme gives the illusion of having brought nature closer to home.

Nature is synonymous with peace and calmness. Our homes are where we want to be able to relax and adding a touch of green can help achieve this ambience.

It is also a great color choice when paired with another popular design trend of florals. From wallpaper to artwork, floral patterns that incorporate green foliage, have become increasingly sought after. The color is also easy to pair with both muted and bold tones that can be used in other furnishings like bedspreads and lamps. Whether you are hoping to shock with bold red, or go tame with beige, there are various shades of green that make for an excellent complement.

Green is a popular choice for homeowners and interior designers looking to add a touch of elegance to a room. It has historically often been used to make rooms look more luxurious, especially when paired with colors such as white and gold.

To further enhance the natural look, you may also want to consider inserting green into the home via the introduction of plants. Natural greenery is not only lovely to look at, it also helps to clean the air and it makes for great feng shui. There are many beautiful plants to choose from that are low maintenance and actively clean the air of toxins. Seek help from experts at your local nursery to find out what particular indoor plants will thrive in your home and the benefits.

Because it is natural tone, green is likely to continue being popular in the long run. This makes any good investment in the color one that will be lasting. If green seems too much of a commitment, you can easily tack onto the trend by investing in green lamps, rugs, artwork or even just painting or wallpapering one wall with the color.


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