Why Cargo Container Homes Are a Hit

Why Cargo Container Homes Are a Hit

Home-Contained-20If you are on any of the numerous image based social media platforms, then chances are you have come across the growing trend of cargo, or shipping container, homes.

From Pinterest to Tumblr, the images of these amazing home designs have captured the imagination of millions and become an increasingly popular consideration for those looking to build their own homes, on a budget.

Owning a home is an aspiration that practically everyone on the planet has. Unfortunately, not many have the money needed to afford the kind of house they dream about. This is mostly because the cost of buying the land coupled with the cost of putting up a long lasting structure is pretty steep. Here is where the cargo container idea comes in to help smooth over the challenges.

  • Affordability

Used shipping containers are pretty cheap to buy. Even if you are importing from abroad, from suppliers like One Trip in Shanghai, the cost is a fraction of what it would have been to actually build with local materials. A single 40-foot container can offer you about 300-400 square feet of open living space to work with. If you need more room, you just need to design a floor plan that allows you to combine more than just one container.

  • Adaptability

It is a simple matter to plan on the layout for your cargo container home. You can decide to have them sit side by side, at a 90-degree angle or on top of each other. The design layouts are easy to organize and have put into action when your containers are delivered to your property. Cutting out holes for windows, doors, staircases and utility feeds is also fairly easy.

  • Quick completion

One of the top complaints homeowners have with their builders is having to wait for completion. With more traditional structures, what should have taken a few weeks can easily end up taking six months to complete and ready to move in. cargo container homes are however popular for their easy completion. Most designs can be ready to move into within a couple of months. This period can be further shortened if you pick a supplier who can make the necessary modifications for utilities, windows and doors even before delivery.

  • Eco-friendly

While you can buy new cargo containers to build with, there is a great abundance of used containers that are just as secure and stable, and at a cheaper price. Many of the existing designs also include features that are environmentally friendly like solar panels, bamboo walls and skylights for better natural light penetration. Depending on your choice of design, you can do much to help limit your utility costs in the long term.


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