Tips to Making Your Home Cozy Yet Uncluttered

Tips to Making Your Home Cozy Yet Uncluttered

When the weather gets chilly there is nothing as comforting as coming home to a cozy little space where you can get some rest. One might think that the best way to go about making a home cozy is by turning up the thermostat, but this means making your wallet chilly. Here are a few ideas on how you can get things warmer at home without adding to your utility bills.

  • Build a fire

fireplace-doors-toutXIf your home comes equipped with a proper wood burning fireplace, the first thing you need to learn is how to correctly stack the wood to burn slowly. Also, be sure to close off all other windows and doors in the room, this will cut down on the draft caused by the fire sucking in air from the room to aid combustion.

  • Invest in rugs

If your home is not already carpeted and you want to show off your wood floors or tiles, consider investing in area rugs, especially where you spend the most time, the bedroom and living room. A nice thick rug is easier on your feet and gives a nice warm feel to the room.

  • Hang heavy drapes

Heavy curtains are a good idea when cold weather kicks in as they help to cut drafts and better prevent loss of heat through glass windows. Get thick curtains or use those with linings for the best results. Dark colors and textured patterns help lend a soft warm feel to the room.

  • Cozy up the bedroom

Pile on extra blankets and make use of thicker sheets to help fend off the cold. Be sure to however not overdo it, as you still need a touch of coolness to allow for good sleep. Colorful quilts and pillows are not only snuggly, but also make the room more comforting. When placing a rug in the bedroom, be sure to position it right next to the bed so your bare feet do not touch the floor whenever you wake up.

  • Put out candles

Candles are a lovely touch when the environment becomes colder and darker. They are an extra source of light and warmth on the cheap and make for lovely decorative pieces. To avoid wax and fire hazards, you can make use of battery operated taper candles.

  • Clean up

Remember that cozy does not mean leaving a mess about. Stash away unnecessary clothing and other items in the back of the wardrobe, attic, basement or garage. You need to be able to move around freely. Reducing clutter also makes it easier and healthier to clean. If money comes easier than time to you then maybe consider hiring a local cleaning service here in Chicago. You’d be amazed how good it feels to come home to a fresh and clean home after a hard day of work (especially if you’re not the one doing the cleaning).


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