The Unexpected Power of Water

The Unexpected Power of Water

Power of WaterWhen you think of water and power, chances are the first thought that comes to your mind is tidal waves, or possibly hydroelectric power. In reality, you do not need anywhere near this amount of water to feel the powerful benefit of water in your life. When it comes to setting up your outdoor living space, it has become a great idea to consider investment in a water feature. From fountains to ponds, anything with water bring with it several key benefits.

  • Wellness

The trickling sound of water tends to be very soothing and helps many to achieve deep relaxation. Sitting back to listen to the rhythmic pulsation of water as it flows helps many to lower their stress, lower blood pressure and calm mental anxieties. If you are looking for a good way to de-stress at the end of a hard day, then this should be one of your go to solutions. Sound therapy is also a good way to help encourage a calm attitude in office environments, hence the introduction of such features in many lobbies.

  • Wildlife

Depending on where your property is located, you will find that investing in any form of open-air water feature will quickly attract various types of wildlife. For nature lovers, this is a wonderful experience, as anything from dragon flies to cotton tail rabbits can suddenly start to frequent your garden in search of a drink of water. It all adds to the sense of tranquility and oneness with nature that water brings to the home.

  • Indoor

While much of the time water features are set up for outdoor spaces, there are some options that allow for their use indoors. Tabletop fountains are gaining popularity, and have been proven to help refresh the air in enclosed spaces. This way not only do you bring the lovely sounds of trickling water closer indoors, you also get to enjoy a fresher atmosphere as well.

  • Low maintenance

While it can seem that water features like ponds require a lot of work to keep in good condition, this is not true. In reality, once you fill up the space there is little else you need to do as compared to an earth garden. Even with more complicated features, like wall fountains and other pondless designs, the bulk of work is done at the time of installation with little further monitoring going forward.

  • Value

Water features ability to add a sense of tranquility and promote wellness tends to also add value to a property. With the right choice of water feature, you can boost the value of a property, as it is often an unexpected delight for prospective buyers. Make use of this design feature, especially in barren awkward corners of a property. Feng Shui adherents will also likely appreciate the incorporation of water features that are considered a symbol for wealth and abundance.

  • Uniqueness

Because not many people opt for water features, you gain the benefit of making your home stand out from the crowd by going this route. There are very many interesting designs to choose from and you can even do this when you have a very small outdoor space to work with. Consulting with a designer, or carrying out a little research can be a big help in learning what options there are out there to fit your budget.


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