Reasons to Invest in Glass Walls

Reasons to Invest in Glass Walls

A majority of office spaces across the U.S. make use of open plan seating arrangements thanks to a trend that claimed that this would foster greater teamwork and cohesion. Unfortunately the reality is that this kind of arrangement while useful in allowing for easier interaction between colleagues, also allows for greater distraction. When you can so easily hear, smell and see what others are getting up to, it is difficult to remain focused on what brought you into work in the first place. Many workers have also found themselves less satisfied in their jobs because such arrangements mean less privacy and lower productivity linked to lack of concentration.

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Chances are many companies got on board with this concept simply because it was cheaper than having to build individual offices for employees. In certain environments this may work, but not to the level to which corporate America has made it a staple.

A good alternative or adjustment to this type of floor plan may be to invest in glass partition walls. Glass walls allow for easy penetration of light through the work areas. With more natural light penetrating into the structure, people tend to feel more energized and there is less need for electrical lighting, earning a save on utilities.

Although transparent, glass walls still give a feeling of privacy, which is useful when you need to talk to someone or your team privately. Without noise stimulation, employees are able to better focus on their work. It is easy to make certain enclosed spaces more private by frosting or coloring the glass. Incorporating business logos and other features is also easy. When it comes to communication, colleagues can easily tell if the person on the other side of the wall is busy or can be approached for discussion. If the building is set in a picturesque environment, glass walls allow for a greater number of occupants to enjoy the views as they work, without necessarily having a corner or window office.

Glass walls are also very thin when compared to other materials. This makes the easy to incorporate them into existing floor plans. They are easily installed and require little, if any, structural modifications. This means excellent savings for the business, while providing a much more conducive atmosphere for better productivity. Glass partitions also tend to add a contemporary professional air to office spaces that can be very impressive to clients and potential hires.


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